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support-solutions-enterprise-managed-service-providerThe objective of critical IT Infrastructure support is to provide reliable and on-time support by proactively monitoring critical devices / services, quickly identifying and resolving the root cause of a problem and to return the services to normal level as soon as possible, with smallest possible business impact. With the increasing use of technology in modern times, there is a growing requirement to provide timely, effective and reliable technical support.

Solutions Enterprise provides Levels–based, 24/7 support to clients depending on their business’ needs and criticality. Various support levels are defined as under:

Normal Support @ Level 1:
Routine administration jobs are performed by Engineers at this level. User interaction also is done at this level and is generally done during office hours only and in most cases is done onsite.

Normal Support @ Level 2:
Clients who typically have multiple devices / services and require engineers with ocassional trouble shooting or little more maintenance skills and better knowledge of the infrastrcuture. Level 2 support is also provided during office hours and onsite in most of the cases.

24/7 Support @ Level 3:
At Level 3 the support technicians are typically engineers that work on more complex problems and are highly focused in a particular area / domain. They will focus on 99% up-time for networked IT Infrastructure of any scale.

24/7 Support @ Level 4:
While Level 4 is not used universally, it often represents an escalation point beyond the capabilities of Solutions Enterprise. The resolution to incidents at Level 4 requires close interaction with software and hardware vendors and other third parties involved along with the technical expertise being rendered by the support-engineers.

Support Contacts:

Systems Support:
Phone: +91 79 61918000 (Board)
           +91 79 61918030 (Direct)

Network Support:
Phone: +91 79 61918000 (Board)
           +91 79 61918020 (Direct)


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