SEPL launches Skybox in India

Skybox Security Expands Global Partner Reach through Partnership with SEPL - Solutions Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.

Mumbai, 12th December 2012 – Skybox Security, the leader in proactive security risk management solutions, today announced a new addition to its global network of strategic channel partners: SEPL - Solutions Enterprise Pvt. Ltd., India’s leading vendor-independent service provider of IT security, network and server infrastructure service provisioning and management. SEPL has global experience working with Financial Institutions, Banking, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals and Automobiles where end to end network security, high performance and scalability are of paramount importance.

In 2009 SEPL initiated a need gap analysis and identified certain areas of need that are now the focus of their technology solutions business. “Today, CISOs are looking for solutions to help them optimize IT Infrastructure management, minimize the time spent on compliance and risk management, and ensure network connectivity and mobility,” said Pratik Patel Managing Director, Solutions Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.

“The Skybox partnership gives us new solutions to help our customers automate firewall change management processes, demonstrate compliance, and continuously monitor network risks. In addition, SEPL provides the planning, deployment, and interoperability assurance to assure smooth migration to risk-reducing technologies.”

“India’s businesses are growing fast in size and importance to the world economy, and organizations are aware of the risk and potential business costs of disruptions due to hostile cyber threats,” said Gidi Cohen, CEO of Skybox Security. “We welcome our new partners to help us in offering our solutions to a broad set of companies that need help to safeguard valuable data and business services.”

SEPL has pan-India presence, with headquarters in Ahmedabad, and offices in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad. SEPL is also investing in a series of proof-of-concept “Technology Solutions Centres” in Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

The Skybox solution portfolio will be available from SEPL as software license, a hardened appliance from Skybox or as a cloud based solution. SEPL will also provide range of pre / post sales consulting services to ensure smooth implementation and optimised operational environment

The Skybox Security Enterprise portfolio includes:

  • Skybox Firewall Assurance (Firewall Assessment, PCI Compliance, Change Management, Firewall Ruleset Optimization)
  • Skybox Network Assurance (Network Modeling and Visualization, Access Compliance, Connectivity Troubleshooting)
  • Skybox Risk Control (Attack Modeling, Risk Assessment, Vulnerability Management, Patch Optimization)
  • Skybox Change Manager and Skybox Threat Manager (Workflow solutions to manage firewall changes and threat intelligence)

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Skybox Security, Inc. is the leader in proactive security risk management solutions, providing automated tools that find and prioritize cyber risks such as vulnerabilities, firewall configuration errors, and access compliance issues. Our solutions help IT security personnel continuously monitor security risks that could lead to a data breach or cyber-attack. Organizations in Financial Services, Government, Energy, Defense, Retail, and Telecommunications rely on Skybox Security solutions to reduce risk exposure and achieve compliance. For more information visit