Compliance management with Skybox

Skybox - Compliance Management

Who / What is Skybox:

Proactive Security Risk Management

Skybox Security is the leader in proactive security risk management solutions

Skybox View is a security risk management solution which automatically finds and prioritizes risks in networks of any size and complexity, before an event occurs.  Skybox View provides accurate intelligence for daily security and compliance management tasks such as firewall assessments, vulnerability management, threat management, and change planning.  

Skybox provides automatic, daily, unattended security and risk assessment for the entire network, and helps the security team eliminate the most critical risks before an attack takes place.  

What Skybox does:

Automatically Find & Prioritize Risks and Drive Remediation

  • Gain visibility - Model complex network security challenges
  • Find risks - Detect misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in minutes
  • Focus effectively - Prioritize critical issues for immediate attention
  • Show results - Measure, track, and report results of security activities

Skybox Security helps organizations seeking solutions for the following use cases:

  1. Firewall Management
    • Fix security gaps and avoid configuration errors
    • Optimize firewall rulesets
    • Reduce firewall management time by 80% or more
  2. Compliance with PCI, NIST, FISMA
    • Maintain network compliance with policies daily
    • Demonstrate compliance on-demand to auditor
    • Reduce compliance costs and management time
  3. Validate Network Changes
    • Assess impact of planned changes in advance
    • Avoid security and access problems
    • Improve change workflow processes
  4. Protect Critical Infrastructure
    • Identify high-priority attack scenarios
    • Suggest remediation alternatives
    • Quantify risks to valuable assets

Why Skybox is different:

Skybox provides Daily, Non-Intrusive Proactive Security for Complex Networks

  • Non-intrusive modeling and simulation deliver daily security assessments without network disruptions
  • Comprehensive security analytics provide accurate answers to challenging security questions
  • Enterprise class performance and scalability supports daily use in complex and large-scale networks
  • Extensive out-of-the-box integration delivers consistent feature set for any environment