Business Process Outsourcing


In today’s challenging business environment, organisations need to be able to cut operational costs without impacting on performance.

Although technology has become critical to maintain customer service levels and an organisation's competitive advantage, not all elements of IT or other processes within an organisation are a strategic differentiator.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is an accepted key method to increase performance in business today and it can also be a driver for strategic change. BPO may be mistaken for traditional IT outsourcing, which historically is the hiring of a third party company to manage a specific project or even more commonly management of the client's network and desktop support. BPO has taken one step further and has developed into the process of hiring a company to handle all business activities in a department or functional area. It now encompasses a multitude of functions that are considered "non-core" to the primary business strategy and companies the world over are realising the multiple benefits of transferring non-core activities to specialist companies.

Typically the non-core areas of business that are most readily completely outsourced through BPO are:

  • Finance, Accounting and Procurement
  • HR & Staffing Services
  • Training & Learning Services
  • Document Management Services
  • IT Services