24X7X365 Monitoring and Alerting


The remote monitoring of client systems and proactive alerting of potential issues before they become critical is a key component of Solutions Enterprise's Dedicated / Managed Service Approach.

Our Help Desk and service teams have constant access to an automated monitoring and alerting system which produces a variety of alerts whenever a problem occurs, allowing proactive problem resolution. Our monitoring system is highly available, based in two separate locations and utilising multiple internet bandwidth providers. As well as monitoring client systems, the system also constantly monitors itself and all other Solutions Enterprise infrastructure for failure or issues.

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Solutions Enterprise's (SEPL) engineers receive alerts from the monitoring system via email, pagers or SMS message. They can also view the status of client systems in real-time using colour-coded monitor screens customised for the requirements of each system. As well as capturing failures or issues, we can track system capacity and performance, and use a variety of troubleshooting and diagnostic tools for remote problem analysis and resolution.

You get peace of mind from knowing we are constantly monitoring your critical systems, 24x7.